Basic Yoga Bundle - Savage Fitness Accessories
Basic Yoga Bundle - Savage Fitness Accessories
Basic Yoga Bundle - Savage Fitness Accessories
Basic Yoga Bundle - Savage Fitness Accessories

Basic Yoga Bundle

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The Basic Yoga Bundle gives you what you need to workout anywhere.

What you get:

- Glute band (your choice of: light, medium, heavy or extra heavy)
- Blue bio degradable yoga mat
- Purple lacrosse ball

Glute Bands

The Savage Glute Bands are a must have for every gym bag or home gym. 

Made from high quality fabrics so there is no pinching or tearing.
They have been developed using the perfect blends of cotton, polyester & rubber; making them heavy duty, extremely comfortable & very durable to withstand the most Savage workouts!

Incorporate our Glute bands as part of a dynamic warm up or use it in your workouts to build strength and activate your glutes and hips.

  • Free carry case
  • Added internal rubber for better grip and control
  • Fabric construction means no pinching or tearing or rolling up.
  • Activates muscles around the hips and glutes
  • Adds resistance to strengthen hip abductors and external rotators
  • Perfect for adding resistance to functional, or HIIT to make you stronger and faster.
  • Ideal for warm up before workouts or use with your workouts for extra resistance

Choose from:

Light band: Resistance level: 25kg to 40 kg
Medium band: Resistance level: 40kg to 60kg
Heavy Band: Resistance level: 50kg to 70 kg
Extra Heavy Band: Resistance level: 60 kg to 90 kg

Yoga mat

Introducing our Eco Friendly 6mm Yoga Mat!

Made from high quality sustainable materials and contains no harmful chemicals, making our Savage yoga mats the perfect choice for your home or at the gym.

Our Yoga mats are eco friendly, dual sided and water proof so it doesn't absorb sweat making them more hygienic & washable. They are non slip, have superior grip & bounce back.

  • 6mm thickness
  • 183 x 61 x 6mm
  • 100% Bio degradable
  • Latex & PVC free
  • Non Toxic
  • Non slip dual side
  • Water proof
  • Grip texture
  • Carry cord included
  • Laser etched logo
  • High elasticity for better comfort & joint support

Lacrosse Ball

Time to loosen up those muscles!

The Savage Lacrosse Ball is a must have for every gym bag, studio, home workout kit or even for your office drawer. A handy 6.5cm in size to reach those stubborn places. 

Ideal for

Glutes, hip flexors, traps, piriformis, pec minor, ankle, calves, shoulders, chest, lower back, neck, forearm, feet & more. 

If you haven't used a Lacrosse ball before, it's like unleashing a world of pain on a targeted area, followed by a rush of relief as the muscle or knot releases allowing you to have more mobility and movement in your targeted area.
An absolute must have for everyone, regardless if you're an athlete or not.
The Lacrosse ball helps release muscle tightness and knots while increasing blood flow to troubled areas.


Size: 6.35cm 
Material: Solid Rubber
Branding: Embossed Savage Logo
Colour: Based on availability 

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