Lifters Bundle - All Black
Lifters Bundle - All Black
Lifters Bundle - All Black
Lifters Bundle - All Black
Lifters Bundle - All Black

Lifters Bundle - All Black

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Everything you need to increase your workout intensity and your PB's.

What you get:

  • Weight Lifting Belt
  • Lifting straps
  • Wrist Wraps
  • Liquid chalk


The Savage Weight lifting Belt is a strong, durable & light weight lifting belt, perfect for any athlete looking to support their core and lower back regardless of their skill level.

It is designed to be thinner & lighter than traditional leather weight lifting belts, while still providing you with firm support around your core & lower back.

Equipped with thick durable velcro & looped through a steel buckle for quick adjustments so you can easily move from light to heavy movements.


Important note: Please ensure the belt is affixed properly prior to each use. Failure to do so may cause injury. 

We recommend the belt going slightly larger in size if you are between sizes to allow extra velcro coverage and support.


4” Nylon Belt with 2” Support Strap
Light Weight & Durable
Quick Adjustment with a Steel Buckle


Size chart

X-Small Waist Size: 26-28" (66-73cm)

Small Waist Size: 28-31" (73-81cm)

Medium Waist Size: 31-34" (81-88cm)

Large Waist Size: 34-38" (88-96cm)

X-Large Waist Size: 38-41" (96-104m)

Waist: Measure around natural waist with a measuring tape. Make sure to measure with your clothing on around the area the belt will be worn.

Lifting Straps

Our Savage Lifting Straps are made with high quality cotton and added neoprene padding for comfort and support on your wrists.

Our straps have been tested on over 300kg deadlift so you know they are built tough! 

Lifting straps are a great tool in helping add extra grip to the bar, especially when the muscle groups you're targeting are being held back by a fatiguing grip and forearms. The straps are suitable for many exercises, such as deadlifts, barbell rows, chin-ups, pull-ups and shrugs.

If your grip is holding you back, then lifting straps are for you!

Get your straps now, so you can get your extra reps later!


Product Features
  • Sewn edges for reinforcement to prevent fraying

  • Single strap design

  • Neoprene padding around the wrist for extra support & comfort.

  • High quality cotton for maximum durability.

  • Signature embossed logo design

  • Aids grip in a variety of exercises.

  • Perfect for Bodybuilding, Weightlifting or Power Lifting

  • Available in Black & Pink

  • Comes with a mesh carry bag

  • One size fits all

Wrist Wraps

Are you constantly putting pressure on your hands resulting in sore wrists? Or maybe you’re just a Savage in the gym! Then you need our Savage Wrist Wraps!

With a striking embossed logo design, thumb loop & durable Velcro, these are a premium & heavy duty wrap, perfect for every athlete.

Get yours today!


Length: 12 Inch
Mesh Carry Bag included

Made with 75% Cotton & 25% Elastane making them soft on your skin while supporting your wrists with every movement!

Liquid Chalk


Savage Grip is your personal Liquid Chalk that can be used in all of your training sessions to reduce sweating and improve grip strength. Having your own chalk is not only convenient but more hygienic too.

A must have for every gym bag.
Approx 50 uses per bottle, or buy in bulk and save!

  • Improves grip

  • Reduces sweaty palms

  • Can improve performance

  • Handy carabiner

How to use
  • Apply a small amount to your palms

  • Rub into your hands and allow to dry

  • Re-apply as or if needed

  • Wash your hands to remove

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