Peachy Weight Lifting Bundle
Peachy Weight Bundle - Savage Fitness Accessories
Peachy Weight Bundle - Savage Fitness Accessories
Peachy Weight Lifting Bundle
Peachy Weight Lifting Bundle
Peachy Weight Lifting Bundle
Peachy Weight Lifting Bundle

Peachy Weight Lifting Bundle

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🍑 Weight Lifting Bundle


Intensify your workouts with this all-in-one peachy lifting bundle. 
It combines all you need to get an epic workout:

  • Ankle Weight (2kg)
  • 2 pk booty bands (medium and heavy resistance)
  • Padded lifting straps
  • All with their own mesh carry bags
  • Printed with our famous Peachy Pattern 🍑

Booty Bands

Made from high-quality fabrics so there is no pinching or tearing. Finished with an awesome peach emoji design.

Incorporate our Glute bands as part of a dynamic warm-up or use them in your workouts to build strength and activate your glutes and hips.

Be sure to check out our Instagram workouts where we give you workouts designed to use the band for that extra resistance.

    They are available in Medium & Heavy resistances. 
    Note: The 2 pack comes with 1 Medium & 1 Heavy Band.

    Pink Peaches (Medium Resistance) - Resistance level: 40kg to 60kg

    Green Peaches (Heavy Resistance)Resistance level: 50kg to 70 kg

    • Added internal rubber for better grip and control 
    • Fabric construction means no pinching or tearing, just smooth comfortable resistance. 
    • Activates muscles around the hips and glutes
    • Adds resistance to strengthen hip abductors and external rotators
    • The resistance helps keep your knees pushed out during exercises such as squats and deadlifts
    • Perfect for adding resistance to functional, or HIIT to make you stronger and faster.
    • Ideal for warm-up before workouts or use with your workouts for extra resistance

    Ankle Weights

    Perfect for home and gym workouts!
    Sand filled with velcro closure for quick and easy use.

    Ankle Weights are a great way to add some extra resistance to your lower body workouts, or even add some intensity to simple things a walk or even around the home.

    • Sold as a pair
    • Comes with a mesh bag for easy storage
    • Velcro closure for easy use
    • Strong neoprene backing to offer maximum comfort around your ankles
    • Sand-filled (1kg per ankle - total 2kg)
    • Finished with our signature embossed logo

    Lifting Straps

    Unlike normal lifting straps, these have a padded wrist cuff to keep the pressure off your wrists while you lift. We have also added gel grip on the strap to allow for extra grip on the bar. 

    Lifting straps are a great tool when you start to lift heavier weight as it assists in gripping the bar so you can focus on your technique and form.

    They can be used for exercises such as:

    • Deadlifts
    • Barbell rows
    • Lat pulls downs
    • Seated rows
    • Chin ups
    • Pull ups
    • And many more
    • Sold as a pair
    • Comes in a mesh carry bag.
    • Neoprene wrist padding for added support and comfort.
    • Metal ring latch for quick fastening
    • Strong secure velcro closure
    • Gel dots for added bar grip
    • Comes with a mesh carry bag

    One size fits all.

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