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Total Savanna Bundle | Bands | Ankle Straps | Barbell Pad

Total Savanna Bundle | Bands | Ankle Straps | Barbell Pad

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Looking for the most Savage accessories ever?

Get the entire Savanna range and save! 

In this bundle you get:
- 3pk Savanna fabric glute bands (light, medium & heavy resistance)
- Cotton carry bag (for glute bands)
- Savanna barbell pad
- Ankle straps (these are to be used with the cable machine - they are not weighted)

See tabs for the full description

Glute Bands

Made from high-quality fabrics so there is no pinching or tearing. Finished with our savage Savanna design.

  • Added internal rubber for better grip and control 
  • Fabric construction means no pinching or tearing, just smooth comfortable resistance. 
  • Activates muscles around the hips and glutes
  • Adds resistance to strengthen hip abductors and external rotators
  • The resistance helps keep your knees pushed out during exercises such as squats and deadlifts
  • Perfect for adding resistance to functional or HIIT to make you stronger and faster.
  • Ideal for warm-up before workouts or use with your workouts for extra resistance
Light Resistance - Cotton 60% | Polyester 20% | Rubber 20%
Resistance level: 25kg to 40 kg
Medium Resistance - Cotton 20% | Polyester 50% | Rubber 30%
Resistance level: 40kg to 60kg
Heavy Resistance - Cotton 50% | Polyester 10% | Rubber 40%
Resistance level: 50kg to 70 kg


Barbell Pad

Say goodbye to bruised hips from hip thrusts or sharp neck pain and down your spine from the barbell!

Made with 3 cm of quality dense foam, wrapped in extra strong 600D fabric and finished with durable velcro to secure the pad to the bar.

  • 40 cm in length
  • 10 cm in diameter
  • 3 cm foam width for extra comfort
  • 40 cm of velcro for security


Ankle Straps

Looking to seriously tone up your legs & glutes? 
Then the Savage Ankle Straps are a must for your leg day workout!

Use our Ankle Straps to isolate your desired area and focus on the Mind/Muscle connection.

Designed with lower body workouts in mind, they assist in maximizing motion and isolation of your legs, abs, hips & glutes.

Perfect for exercises like

- Cable lateral lunges
- Cable kickbacks
- Cable lunges
- Cable inner thigh contractors
- Cable hip abductors 
- Cable hamstring curls
- Cable forward leg extensions
- Cable weight leg raises
- Cable weighted crunches 

  • Sold as a pair
  • High-quality neoprene ankle strap (30x10cm)
  • Adjustable velcro - One size fits all
  • Comfortable & supportive neoprene construction, together with cross stitching for extra strength
  • 2 x D-ring attachment hooks for extra support & stability
  • Finished with our trademark embossed logo 


Safety Precautions:
Only use flat sole shoes when using - ensure you have securely attached the velcro around your ankle - ensure you do not exceed your own strength in weight limit on cable machines.

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