The Commando Speed Rope
The Commando Speed Rope
The Commando Speed Rope
The Commando Speed Rope
The Commando Speed Rope

The Commando Speed Rope

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Time to up your cardio game?!
Check out the Commando Speed Rope!

Did you know skipping is a plyometric style workout. So it's excellent for developing, power, speed and endurance. Advocates of skipping include Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, countless martial artists, boxers and NBA stars. 
Is that epic or what?!

That's why we add skipping in so many of our workouts.
We named this rope the Commando Speed Rope because it's one of the toughest ropes out there. It towers over its competitors in its durability, light weight to prolong shoulder and forearm fatigue, and aluminium handles knurled for better grip. 


  • Light weight speed rope
  • Strong durable handles
  • Comfortable non slip aluminium handles with knurling
  • High quality ball bearing swivel for smooth skipping
  • 2.5mm PVC coated wire rope
  • 3M adjustable rope length
  • Handle size: 15.5 high x 1.65mm wide
  • Total weight: 151g
  • Laser engraved logo
  • Neoprene zip carry bag


Rope length



Need your rope cut to size? No problem!
Send us an email with the following details:

  • Your height in cm's
  • Order number
  • Skipping skill level

After you purchase and we will make sure it's ready to go! 
Note: We always leave a little extra length to allow of adjustments.

Tips on cutting your rope

When adjusting your rope we suggest not to loosen or tighten the hex nut on the handle as this directly effects the rotation of the bearings and the smoothness of the rope. Only adjust the the hex nut on the ball bearing where the rope passes through. 

When tightening your rope after adjusting the length it is important not ensure your is secure as to not move while skipping, however over tightening can cause the rope to break. A good guide is if the excess rope length is 'bending' or 'curving' when you are tightening the rope, then it is too tight and you may want to loosen it off so it remains straight and natural. 

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