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About Savage Fitness

Discover Our Story: Transforming Passion into Purpose
Savage Fitness Accessories didn't just emerge; it was born out of necessity and passion. Meet Daniel Chiodo, the visionary behind our brand. With a background deeply rooted in Muay Thai and boxing, Daniel's frustration with the frequent breakage of skipping ropes led him to a pivotal decision: to create his own.
As Daniel's custom ropes gained popularity within his gym, the spark of innovation ignited. Thus, Savage Fitness was born. Today, Daniel, alongside his dedicated wife and co-founder, leads the charge, boasting a diverse range of over 100 meticulously designed items. Each product is a testament to Daniel's commitment to superior aesthetics and uncompromising quality.

Crafted with Care, Designed with Dedication
At Savage Fitness, we live and breathe fitness and innovation. Every accessory, from our barbell pads to our cutting-edge phone holders, is a result of relentless development, design, and research. We are dedicated to refining each detail to ensure that when you choose Savage Fitness, you're investing in the pinnacle of fitness accessories.

Empowering Your Fitness Journey
Behind every Savage Fitness product lies a singular goal: to empower you on your fitness journey. We're not just about selling accessories; we're about enhancing your experience, maximizing your performance, and helping you achieve your goals. Your support fuels our passion and drives our mission to expand our reach, making quality accessories accessible to all who seek to elevate their fitness game.

Join Us in Our Journey
As a small business, your support means everything to us. Together, let's continue to grow, inspire, and redefine fitness excellence. Thank you for choosing Savage Fitness. Together, we're not just shaping bodies; we're transforming lives.



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