Barbell Pad
Barbell Pad
Barbell Pad
Barbell Pad

Barbell Pad

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Say good bye to bruised hips from hip thrusts or sharp pains on your neck and down your spine from the barbell!

We have made some upgrades to our barbell pads.
They are still made with 3 cm of quality dense foam, but we have wrapped with vegan friendly leather, and we have included strong velcro to the pad so no more straps to secure it, just pop it on and go!

Available in Black, Khaki & our popular Peachy pattern
Peachy pattern barbell pads are wrapped in 600D Polyester 

SPECIAL OFFER: Get 20% off any Savage Glute Band when you purchase a barbell pad

- 40 cm length
- 10 cm diameter
- 3 cm foam width for extra comfort
- 40 cm of velcro for security

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