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Lifting Straps - Paw Pals

Lifting Straps - Paw Pals

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Introducing the Paw Pals range designed to combine your two greatest passions... Lifting and your furry friend! 🐾

Getting ready to up your lifts and still want cute accessories that remind you of your best furry friend? Then you need some Paw Pals lifting straps! 🐾

Unlike normal lifting straps, these have a padded wrist cuff to keep the pressure off your wrists while you lift. We have also added gel grip on the strap to allow for extra grip to the bar. 

Lifting straps are a great tool when you start to lift heavier weights as it assists in gripping the bar so you can focus on your technique and form.


*Sold as a pair

In an effort to eliminate single use plastic, your new lifting straps will come in a reusable mesh bag.


- Sewn edges for reinforcement to prevent fraying

- Single strap design

- Neoprene padding around the wrist for extra support & comfort.

- High quality cotton for maximum durability.

- Signature embossed logo design

- Aids grip in a variety of exercises.

- Perfect for Bodybuilding, Weightlifting or Power Lifting

- Sold as a pair

- Comes with a free mesh carry bag

- One size fits all

Use Them For Exercises Such As

- Deadlifts

- Barbell rows

- Lat pulls downs

- Seated rows

- Dumbbell rows

- Chin ups

- Pull ups

- Stiff leg deads

+ many more

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- Hand Wash

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