Peachy Glute Bands,2Pk Peach Bands + free matching scrunchies,Savage Fitness Accessories.
Peachy Glute Bands,Medium,Savage Fitness Accessories.
Peachy Glute Bands,Heavy,Savage Fitness Accessories.
[product_name]:Savage Fitness Accessories
[product_name]:Savage Fitness Accessories
[product_name]:Savage Fitness Accessories
[product_name]:Savage Fitness Accessories
[product_name]:Savage Fitness Accessories

Peachy Glute Bands

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Looking for the cutest bands ever + matching scrunchies?🍑 

Limited time offer: Get a set of matching scrunchies FREE with every 2 pack purchase! 😍 (only while stocks last)

These are a must-have for every gym bag (and social media account).

Made from high-quality fabrics so there is no pinching or tearing. Finished with an awesome peach emoji design.

Incorporate our Glute bands as part of a dynamic warm-up or use them in your workouts to build strength and activate your glutes and hips.

Be sure to check out our Instagram workouts where we give you workouts designed to use the band for that extra resistance.

    They are available in Medium & Heavy resistances. 
    Note: The 2 pack comes with 1 Medium & 1 Heavy Band.

    Pink Peaches (Medium Resistance) - Cotton 20% | Polyester 50% | Rubber 30%
    Resistance level: 40kg to 60kg

    Green Peaches (Heavy Resistance) - Cotton 50% | Polyester 10% | Rubber 40%
    Resistance level: 50kg to 70 kg



    • Free matching scrunchies with every 2 pack
    • Added internal rubber for better grip and control 
    • Fabric construction means no pinching or tearing, just smooth comfortable resistance. 
    • Activates muscles around the hips and glutes
    • Adds resistance to strengthen hip abductors and external rotators
    • The resistance helps keep your knees pushed out during exercises such as squats and deadlifts
    • Perfect for adding resistance to functional, or HIIT to make you stronger and faster.
    • Ideal for warm-up before workouts or use with your workouts for extra resistance

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