Peachy Ankle Straps
Peachy Ankle Straps
Peachy Ankle Straps
Peachy Ankle Straps
Peachy Ankle Straps - Savage Fitness Accessories

Peachy Ankle Straps

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Looking to seriously tone up your legs & glutes? 
Then the Savage Ankle Straps are a must for your leg day workout!

Use our Ankle Straps to isolate your desired area & focus on the Mind/Muscle connection.

Designed with lower body workouts in mind, they assist in maximizing motion & isolation of your legs, abs, hips & glutes.

Actual pattern may vary from photos

Safety Precautions:
Only use flat sole shoes when using - ensure you have securely attached the velcro around your ankle - ensure you do not exceed your own strength in weight limit on cable machines.


  • Sold as a pair
  • High quality neoprene ankle strap (25x10cm)
  • Adjustable velcro - One size fits all
  • Comfortable & supportive neoprene construction, together with cross stitching for extra strength
  • 2 x D-ring attachment hooks for extra support & stability
  • Finished with our trademark embossed logo
  • Comes with a mesh carry bag

The Savage Ankle Straps are a great way to tone up your leg & glute muscles!

Exercise ideas


  • Cable lateral lunges
  • Cable kick backs
  • Cable lunges
  • Cable inner thigh contractors
  • Cable hip abductors 
  • Cable hamstring curls
  • Cable forward leg extensions
  • Cable weight leg raises
  • Cable weighted crunches
  • + Many more

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