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Ankle Straps - Savanna

Ankle Straps - Savanna

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Introducing the Savage Savanna range designed with the African Savanna in mind.

Looking to seriously tone up your legs, glutes and look awesome doing it? 

Then the Savage Savanna Ankle Straps are a must for your next leg day!

Use Ankle Straps to isolate your desired area & focus on the Mind/Muscle connection.

Designed for lower body workouts in mind, they assist in maximizing motion & isolation of your legs, abs, hips & glutes.

    The Savage Ankle Straps are a great way to tone up your leg & glute muscles!


    In an effort to eliminate single use plastic, your new ankle straps will come in a reusable mesh bag.


      - Sold as a pair

      - High quality neoprene ankle strap (25x10cm)

      - Adjustable velcro - One size fits all

      - Comfortable & supportive neoprene construction, together with cross stitching for extra strength

      - 2 x metal D-ring attachment hooks for extra support & stability

      - Finished with our trademark embossed logo

      - Comes with a free mesh carry bag

      Exercise Ideas

      - Cable lateral lunges

      - Cable kick backs

      - Cable lunges

      - Cable inner thigh contractors

      - Cable hip abductors 

      - Cable hamstring curls

      - Cable forward leg extensions

      - Cable weight leg raises

      - Cable weighted crunches

      + Many more

      Shipping & Returns

      Shipping Rates


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      Express: $11.99

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      We hope you love your new Savage gear as much as we do!

      However, we have a Returns Policy in place if you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase. 

      Find out more here: Shipping & Returns


      - Wipe with a damp cloth

      - Some items can be hand washed

      Money Back Guarantee

      We hope you love your new Savage gear as much as we do!

      However, if you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase we offer a money back guarantee within the first 30 days of your order.

      Conditions apply

      Safety Precautions

      - Only use flat sole shoes when using

      - Ensure you have securely attached the velcro around your ankle

      - Ensure you do not exceed your own strength in weight limit on cable machines.

      Incorrect use of this product can cause harm

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