700ml Stainless Steel Insulated Shaker
700ml Stainless Steel Insulated Shaker
700ml Stainless Steel Insulated Shaker
700ml Stainless Steel Insulated Shaker Bottle - Savage Fitness Accessories

700ml Stainless Steel Insulated Shaker

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Say goodbye to plastic shakers!

Introducing the Savage Fitness • TRAIN HARD •  Dual Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle.

Upgrade your hydration game and grab an insulated dual insulated stainless steel shaker bottle today!
Stop using toxic plastics that easily break, and start using a high quality metal shaker.
Our insulated bottle will keep your shake cool while you train and throughout the day.
  • Manufactured from premium stainless steel
  • 700ml capacity
  • Dual Insulated design
  • Carry handle & Wire ball whisk included
  • Leak-proof lid
  • Perfect for protein, BCAA's, post workout smoothies or just a great way to stay hydrated throughout the day
  • Reduced odours caused by plastics
  • Etched Savage logo
For longevity we recommend hand washing only.
Colours may vary slightly from photos shown

Why Stainless Steel?

We are very passionate about health, not just training but our overall health. When we heard about the effects of BPA and BPS in plastic bottles we were speechless, after much research it was clear we had to do something.

We all know that BPA is not good for us, but did you know even BPA free plastics contain other harmful chemicals such as BPF and BPS?

These chemicals bleed into our drinks and/or food and we consume toxins not meant for consumption, and potentially develop various illnesses as a result.

Foetuses and children are considered particularly at risk as hormones play a key role in their development. A disturbing fact shared by endocrinologist Prof. Dr. Laura  Vandenberg: “Every child born on this planet, is born pre-polluted. With dozens, or perhaps hundreds of chemicals that are found inside of their bodies“.

The identified hazardous chemicals have been associated with a variety of health problems such as fertility issues, lowering testosterone, impaired neurodevelopment in children, immune disorders and a higher risk of hormone related cancers. 

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